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Friends and colleagues, welcome to the website of FrOG. (FRench Optical coronary imaging Group.)

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Le FrOG is a focus group dedicated to optical coronary imaging and supported by the GACI. The aim of this group is to bring together practitioners (doctors and paramedical professionals) involved or interested  in this technology, who wish to be participate in the expansion of our hemodynamic laboratories.

Our goals are to promote the sharing of knowledge and to provide a platform for mutual help between professionals of the interventional cardiologist community.

Our site is particularly focused on the clinical aspects of this technique and offers various resources: presentations in French and English on precise themes, bibliographical references, selected clinical cases, an image bank as well as an introduction to ongoing or future clinical French studies in this area.

We also provide a new tool: a forum where you can post OCT and OFDI videos online, whether they are atypical, wonderful or problematic. By enabling the various members of FrOG to share their videos, we hope to develop interaction and mutual aid. In the optical imaging area, which is still very new, we think that we all have something to learn from each other.

If you are a medical practitioner interested in optical coronary imaging you are invited to join Le Frog and to gain free access to the video forum. This will allow you to :
upload your videos,
to pose questions,
to seek the advise of the Cardio-imaging community
and, importantly, to give advise whenever your knowledge may be of help to other members.

To begin the registration process click here : JOIN LE FROG