Adding Your Video – avi .mov and .wma formats


As an invited contributor it is very important that you use ONLY the areas outlined in these instructions. Using or trying to use functions other than those prescribed can result in a less sufficient result to your posting and to the functioning of the website.


avi, mov and wmv files

AVI, MOV and WMA format videos CANNOT be added directly into a post. They must first be added to our VideoPress Media Library. If you add videos in these formats directly into a post they will not show up on the site other than as a direct link for downloading by anybody. If you wish to add videos in avi, mov or wma format it is imperative that you follow the instructions below exactly.

The best format for posting a video on cardiolefrog (or anywhere on the internet) is MP4 or M4v.  With the MP4 (m4v) format you may upload your video directly into a post.  We recommend that you convert avi and other formats  into mp4 for posting here. Follow the guidelines HERE to easily convert your video into mp4.

If it is not possible to convert your video these are the steps you must take to post an  avi, mov or wma format video.

First, Log In. Go to your Dashboard and from the menu on the left hand side select ‘Media’ and then ‘VideoPress’. 

A page will open, with a “Browse Your Video Press Library” button. Click on this. You will find the library. On the top left is an option to upload a video. Select this.

Browse on your computer for the video you wish to upload. When you have selected the video click the upload button.

Your file will begin to upload.  There is no  bar indicating progress, so you will just have to wait. Depending on the speed of your connection the upload can take from 1-10 minutes. We advise that you do not use your computer for other purposes whilst the upload takes place.

When your upload is completed you will see a box like the one shown below. Your video will be highlighted and have a tick sign.


At the bottom right of the screen is a box labelled SHORTCODE. The shortcode will be the link to your video. Highlight it in its box and copy it. Now click the X at the top right of the screen. This will close your upload box.

Hover your mouse over ‘New’ on the top menu and select ‘Post’

Give your post a title. This is important because without a title your post will be invisible on some sections of the site.

After you have added your title you will see a white box for writing your text and inserting your video. Click on the box. Now paste the SHORTCODE. You will see the same funny link appear on your posting page. This means your video will appear at the top of your post.

Hit the return button on your keyboard twice and enter the text you would like to accompany your video.

Please Note

If the text you wish to add is long please use the “more” button after 2-3 lines. This will ensure that your post does not dominate the main posting page to the detriment of other posters. If you post without using the more button it will probably be edited or deleted by an administrator.


Once you have added your text choose which category you would like to add your video post to. The Category selection is on the right hand side of your screen. You may have to scroll down to see it.

You are now ready to share your video and your words with the wider world. Click the ‘Publish’ button on the left side of the screen. Wait whilst the page is processed and then you may click the View Post link at the top of the screen to see how it will look.




MP4 and M4V